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Come setlist Setlist from a show by the most excellent band Come. This was from the November 25, 1994 show at the 3B Tavern in Bellingham, WA. "Off to One Side" wasn't played, because my friend Ted and I kept yelling at Thalia to play their cover of the Rolling Stones' "I've Got the Blues"; which they did. There is a shot of the 3B Tavern in the movie "Hype".
Moore Theater Seattle, WA - April 1995
Ahhh Liz at the Moore on 4/13/95. It was like...wow....there she is....gosh....wow....ah .......um.....Liz...uh...I love you.
Pearl Jam's "Alive" and "Even Flow" videos were filmed here.
Seattle Center Seattle, WA - May 1995
The Grateful Dead in Seattle? Yep. The band all bought new equipment and SUVs when they got to Seattle, because they heard it was the cool thing to do, and they wouldn't be cool in Seattle if they didn't have the newest and best things. Mythical quote from Phil Lesh: "Yeah, when I got to Seattle, I felt I had to buy a new bass, I didn't know why, I'll never use it, but my friends sure were impressed. I also went to REI and bought a bunch of trendy outdoor shit that will look good on the band. We always wear hiking boots while on stage in Seattle."
Portland Meadows Portland, OR - May 1995
Portland Meadows Racetrack. The last Dead shows of I ever saw. Too bad since I was kinda bored (Dire Wolf was a nice treat though)

Burger King Burger King outside of Portland Meadows. I thought all Heads were vegan?
San Francisco San Francisco, CA - August 1995
Corner of 5th and Harrison. Liz Phair lived above this Sawmill store, before she became big & famous & loved & admired.
710 Ashbury 710 Ashbury San Francisco, CA - August 1995
Me rudly sitting on the steps of 710 Ashbury. During the whole "Jerry Died" bit. This guy was from Boston? Dan? Email me if it is you.

Warfield Warfield theater after Jerry Died.

Polo Field Polo Field a few days after the memorial service.

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