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Furthur Bus Dead 8/21/93 Eugene, OR - August 1993
Ahhh, my first Dead shows. 8/21 and 8/22/93. That's Ken Kesey's "Furthur" bus near my tent.
Hendrix's Grave Renton, WA - September 1993
Jimi Hendrix's Grave in Renton, WA
Soundgarden Soundgarden Seattle, WA - September 1993
The Soundgarden sculpture, one time a band took their name from here.
Cobain Bellingham, WA - April 1994
Our house at 910 N Garden St.
Kurt died and the corporate alterna-wanker bands soon crawled out of the woodwork.
Rainbow Washington - June 1994
Rainbow on I-5 in Washington, on the bus to the Dead shows in Eugene 1994. This is the very same rainbow that appears in
the Deadhead documentry "Tie-Dyed"

Autzen 94 Jerry '94 Eugene, OR - Autzen Stadium

Jesus These guys always seem show up.
Jesus says: "Pray for 'St. Stephen"

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