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I rode my bicycle 12,500 miles around the circumference of Australia in 2002-2003. It was quite a memorable trip. I learned that yes, it is possible to carry six gallons of water on a bicycle. I updated this website (now they are called blogs!) daily with a convoluted system of 3.5 inch floppy disks, a laptop, and five spare batteries...only at a light 15 pounds!

Australian map

The Human Clock. I started this website in 2001. It is a clock photo for every minute of the day. One of Time magazine's 50 "coolest" websites of 2006. There are also about 21 hours of individual one minute videos I've shot and edited for the website.

Joe Strummer - Fantastic

I shot the sunrise/sunset/driving footage (with the lyrics) in this Joe Strummer video released in September 2022.

PCT 2013
In 2013 I walked the whole Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. I also hiked the whole trail during 1994/1996, but I don't have any of that online.
Recent YouTube Videos

Machine Country 6/2/2024

Another show recorded (mostly) on old video cameras. The titles are from a title generator I bought off eBay a couple years ago.

Amusement 7/6/2023

Yet....nother show recorded (mostly) on old video cameras. Again, the titles are from a title generator I bought off eBay a couple years ago.

Prism Bitch 11/22/2023

Shot on 60FPS video cameras! I used an Apple //e emulator for the New Mexico graphic at the start of the video. What a great show!

Obedient 2/27/2024

Dead Moon Night 10/5/2017

The whole two hour show!

Dead Moon Night was a night to commemorate the band Dead Moon.

Hazel at the Clinton Street Fair 9/16/2023

Outdoor show! Recorded on miniDV! Vintage titles!

Spoon Benders at the Mission Theater 4/1/2003

What a show! Go see them! The show as shot on about eight cameras and the audio is entirely from the audience (it's a good sounding room). I shot the title cards by dragging a 1000w inverter around town to power a projector.
More on my YouTube Channel...
Sleater-Kinney - 4/26/1997

Back in 1997 I recorded Sleater-Kinney's "Dig Me Out" album release show at a venue named LaLuna on a Sony D3 analog cassette deck.

With their blessing, I digitized the tape and made a video to go along with the show. The spots in between each song were shot outside the building where LaLuna used to be. The tape meters and counter are real. I basically played the tape back in my old cassette player and shot the display with a macro lens. It was a bit of a logistical nightmare to get everything to sync up with the video time but I got it to work.

I also made a separate video from this show for their cover of the song "Bonds in Seconds" by Lois. I shot it on a 1976 Quasar tube-based video camera that I had to lug a car battery around in a rolling suitcase to power the thing.
Frankie Teardrop Headphone Challenge

If you listen to The Best Show with Tom Scharpling you will know what this is. It was a running thing on the show where you had to go to a scary place and listen to the 1977 song "Frankie Teardrop" by the band Suicide, then call in about your experience. I decided to do it from the middle of the train bridge from the movie Stand By Me while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013. A week later when the show aired, I happened to have cell service on a ridge and call into the show. I detailed more about my call here.

Human Calendar

A calendar, like the Brady Bunch, but with people I know. Google Analytics tells me it is very popular among Brazillian teenagers. (the little calendar widget receives about 3 million impressions a month!)

I noticed that hosts and guests on National Public Radio really like to use the word "problematic" a lot, hence I spent six straight weeks making this supercut video with NPR audio recordings.

PDX Free Crap

I live in Portland, Oregon, USA. It is customary to leave out free things you don't want anymore in front of your place. I would see so much of it while walking our dog, that I started having her pose with it. We were also on More Good Day Oregon and Oregon Public Broadcasting awhile back also. If you visit the Laurelhurst Theater in Portland you can see her on the big screen before movies start.

Heavy Metal Parking Lot T-Shirts

An ongoing inventory of the T-Shirts from the cult-film Heavy Metal Parking Lot. I was somewhat famous among the heavy metal community for nearly two whole days.

Combat Rock Album Cover Location

I spent the better part of two days in Bangkok, Thailand trying to find the location where The Clash took the album cover photo for their 1982 album, Combat Rock.

PDX Stolen Cars

How many cars have been stolen today in Portland, Oregon....well go find out! Of course someone attempted to steal my car two days before I put the website online.

Video Projects

Some video projects I've done. I'm that guy you see at rock shows with an SLR camera, running around with his head cut off checking on this or that.

For instance, the band Help and I shot a video in my backyard with some tarps...a lot of them!

I wrote a popular Pacific Crest Trail planning program that has been online since 1997 (and is in dire need of an update despite heavy usage).

4,267 photos of most every sign along the Pacific Crest Trail.

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