Neil Young
various various
270:00 minutes
Rating / Rec. Type
Source / Generation
CS / unknown generation
Bad Fog of Loneliness 1973 SMF TTN Acetate (outtake)
It Might Have Been 2/10/70 CH Cincinnati, OH
Everybody's Alone 12/70 KQED TV Rehearsals
Live to Ride 7/3/93 BTMG Belgium
No One Seems to Know 1/5/83 Santa Cruz, CA
Extra, Extra 1965 Elektra Records Demo
Nothing is Perfect 1985 IH Farm Aid EP (unreleased)
Lonely Weekend 1/15/73 SG Toronto, ONT
Traces 1973 TTN Acetate (outtake)
Pushed It Over the End 8/27/74 CSNY Chicago, IL
Bad News 8/16/88 BN Chicago, IL
Aurora 1963 Squires Single
Dance, Dance, Dance 2/23/71 London
Sweet Joni 3/20/73 Bakersfield, CA
If You Got Love 1982 TB Trans (outtake)
One More Sign 1966 BS Demo
Fingers 9/25/84 IH Austin, TX
So Tired 2/6/84 CH Santa Cruz, CA
Give Me Strength 11/76 Chicago, IL
Love Art Blues 8/15/74 CSNY Uniondale, NY
Ordinary People 8/27/88 BN Wantagh, NY
Day & Night We Walk The Aisles 3/26/76 Amsterdam
Grey Riders 1985 IH Farm Aid EP (unreleased)

VOLUME TWO (23 Songs)

Born to Run 1990 CH Studio Demo
Sultan 1963 Squires Single
Soul of a Woman 8/16/88 BN Chicago, IL
Stranger in Paradise 11/6/93 Mountain View, CA
Amber Jean 9/25/84 IH Austin, TX
Razor Love 12/13/89 Rotterdam
Rainin' in Paradise 1982 TB Island in the Sun
There Goes My Babe 1966 BS Demo
Your Love 2/6/84 CH Santa Cruz, CA
That's All Right 1983 SP Old Ways #1
Silver and Gold 3/31/90 CNY Santa Monica, CA
Box Car 1989 Restless Times Square
Guilty Train 10/8/82 Gothenburg, Sweden
Rock, Rock, Rock 2/6/84 CH Santa Cruz, CA
Fool for Your Love 8/30/88 BN New York, NY
Interstate 1986 Studio Demo
Hawaiian Sunrise 9/8/74 CSNY Long Island, NY
Forever Young 11/3/91 GD San Francisco, CA
Don't Pity Me, Babe 1965 Elektra Records Demo
Dock of the Bay 7/5/93 BTMG Rotterdam
Dog House 8/30/88 BN New York, NY
Homefires 11/22/92 Minneapolis, MN
Love Hotel 9/24/82 TB Birmingham, England


Winward Passage 8/22/77 Ducks Santa Cruz, CA
Everything is Broken 10/28/89 TP/SH Mountain View, CA
Winter Wind/Turbine 10/3/80 H&D Berkeley, CA
The Rent is Always Due 1965 Elektra Records Demo
I Wonder Why 1986 Studio Demo
Separate Ways 7/3/93 BTMG Belgium
Crime of the Heart 8/30/88 BN New York, NY
Run Around Babe 1965 Elektra Records Demo
Farmer's Song 4/24/93 WN Ames, IO
The Price That You Pay 9/18/78 CH Clarkston, MI
The Big Room 8/27/88 BN Wantagh, NY
Evening Coconut 6/27/76 SY Springfield, MA
Hitchhiker 6/29/92 Saratoga, NY
Johnny 9/13/83 TB Lansing, MI
Lady Wingshot 11/22/77 GWTH Miami, FL
Hillbilly Band 10/26/84 IH Berkeley, CA
I Ain't Got the Blues 1965 Elektra Records Demo
Walking After Midnight 4/19/88 BN New York, NY
Goodbye Dick 8/15/74 Uniondale, NY
Act of Love 1/15/95 CH Washington D.C.



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