75:00 minutes
Rating / Rec. Type
8 - STU
Source / Generation
CD / 1st generation
In Bloom (Unissued Sub Pop 7" mastertape) (5/90)
Imodium (Early version of 'Breed' with different lyrics) (11/89)
Help Me (An unreleased song from Winter 1989)
Oh, the Guilt (Live version) (11/89)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (with Flea from RHCP on Trumpet) (1/93)
Pennyroyal Tea (Early version with different lyrics) (10/91)
It's Closing Soon (Kurt & Courtney, The Rio Tape) (unknown)
Heart Shaped Box (Early version with different lyrics) (1/93)
Scentless Apprentice (Extended experimental feedback version) (1/93)
Been a Son (Acoustic rehearsal) (10/91)
Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Kurt solo at Castaic Lake) (9/92)

Something In the Way (In-store acoustic gig) (10/91)
Negative Creep (In-store acoustic gig) (10/91)
Baba O'Riley (Covering the Who in Rennes) (12/91)
The End (Slaughtering the Doors in Belgium) (11/91)
Lithium (Mix six, unreleased studio verion) (6/91)
Dumb (with Melora Craeger on cello) (2/94)
Molly's Lips (an early attempt at the Vaselines' song) (11/89)
In His Hands (Unreleased song written circa Summer 1990)
The Man Who Sold the World (Electric Version) (12/93)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live on The Word TV Show) (11/91



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